What's New
  • Sucess with XPCOM<->Plugin approach
  • Added initial xbl work to cvs
  • Uploaded src's into cvs

Mozilla Open GL Extension

In order to use the mozilla platform to make complex applications with 3D graphics it is necessary to have a means of rendering to multiple opengl contexts. This project contains various ways to do this. It collates documentation, links, code and experiences to help mozilla developers build their killer apps


XPCOM <=> Native Plugin Windows
Completed sample application demonstrating the use of a simple plugin to acquire the rendering area and an xpcom component to do the work. Currently only working under linux with a gtk2 mozilla build - will target more platforms soon. This approach works well and solves the multiple rendering context problem elegantly. See the screen shots.

XPCOM wrapper of the GL and GLUT API's.
One can render opengl content to a GLUT window
The CVS version compiles and largely works on my machine, your results may vary...
There isn't an installable download yet. Acknowlegement: The bulk of the source for this extension was provided by Robert Ginda.

The mogle project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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